HD Beauty Diamond & Pearl Firming Gel Mask

HD Beauty Diamond And 

 Pearl Firming Gel Mask Review

Firming Gel Mask Skincare

"My Quick And To The Point Review Version:" 

Diamond & Pearl Firming Gel Mask comes in a very simple white plastic container with a twist off lid. The container has 2oz / 57ml of product which is a decent amount for the price in my opinion. The label claims that this product is Cruelty-Free, made in the USA & contains NO parabens, phthalates, or sulfates.  The mask is a sparkly thick sticky mask that gives a soothing cooling sensation to my face once applied. In the two short weeks that I've been using HD Beauty Diamond & Pearl Firming Gel Mask, I have noticed some improvements in the texture of my skin, nothing miraculous but I do like what I'm seeing. "keep in mind it's only been 2 weeks & I have used it about 6 times" Some of my best skincare product took 2-3 weeks before presenting any indications of improvement. When it comes to skincare that is to be expected, instant gratification products are great but the results are short-lived. I am undecided whether I will repurchase this mask again I will post an update once I finish the container. I think this mask is definitely worth a try if you're looking for a good hydrating mask to soothe, brighten, and refresh the skin.



The texture of my skin has improved slightly  

I don't really know how to describe how hydrated and plumped my skin looks and feels, its a little odd but I like it! 

It's very calming on my skin and the scent helps me to unwinds before bed. 

It's manufactured in the USA 

No parabens, phthalates, or sulfates 

It's cruelty-Free 



- The thick gooey texture that doesn't dry down 

- The sparkles. I just don't feel they are necessary for any kind of skincare!  

- I can't stand the way it leaves my face with a tacky feel.

I would recommend trying Diamond And Pearl Firming Gel Mask I am impressed with the results so far. In my opinion, it's affordable and worth giving a try if you have stressed, dry, or tired skin. I haven't really noticed any improvement in my fine lines but I will update this review if I do. I don't know if I'd personally repurchase this mask only because I like my skincare products to be strictly beneficial without any added CRAP... meaning sparkles, also the stickiness of the mask isn't something I really like. If I see any significant improvements in my skin by the end of this container Ill will reconsider purchasing! I am very picky when it comes to my skincare, and don't like certain textures or formulas which many people could care less about this is just my personal opinions & experience. 

(This was my personal experience ) 

“My first impression” was terrible, I use many varieties of facial masks. The Diamond And Pearl Firming Gel Mask was truly a different experience for me, I was not a fan of it at first. I did enjoy its nice light scent, the mask itself is a thick sticky gel that doesn't dry down. It’s full of sparkles which isn't a big deal but not something I look for in a skincare product. I didn't notice or feel a difference in my skin at all besides my face feeling sticky, even after I washed it off with warm water. Being it was my first time using this mask realistically I didn't expect to see much. Skincare takes more than one use to start seeing any results. The second time I applied the mask it was still thick and sticky but I noticed a nice cooling sensation this time around, which was nice was soothing to my skin and very relaxing. When I washed it off my skin felt relaxed and hydrated. I could see the that my face actually looked plumped up a bit. I was still left with a tacky feel to my face which I really dislike but the next day my skin was noticeably softer and supple.  The next few uses of my Diamond And Pearl Firming Gel Mask I used at night, which I've decided works for me best. Because when I wake up my face isn't tacky, it feels hydrated & my skins texture has improved